Milton Wertheimer

Birth and family

Milton Wertheimer was born in Themar on 17 March 1886. He was the second child of Louis Wertheimer and his wife Emma, ​​née Frankenberg. The third child, his brother Nathan, was born four years later. Three “Stolpersteine” (small brass plates inserted in the pavement) in memory of Nathan Wertheimer and his family are to be found in Raststraße 6..

In First World War Milton Wertheimer served in the German Army and survived unwounded. He is listed in the war archives under his two Coburg addresses in Oberen Bürglass and Spitalgasse.

Marriage and places of residence

Milton married his cousin Bella, also born Wertheimer, in Coburg on 17 March 1921. Milton married his cousin Bella, also born Wertheimer, in Coburg on 17 March 1921.

Their first joint address was Löwenstraße 9, where the “Löwen-Apotheke” is located today. They later moved to Mohrenstraße 28 and in 1932 to Viktoriastraße 1. Milton is always referred to as a “businessman”, but without specifying any particular line of activity.

Apparently Milton found himself in serious financial difficulties at times. In 1926 the “Coburger Zeitung” reported impending bankruptcy proceedings, which might have been averted at the last moment.

In 1932 the couple, Milton and Bella Wertheimer, appeared to have separated without divorce. For more information on Bella Wertheimer’s life see “Lebensbilder”, the biographies placed on this website.

Traveler between different places

Milton Wertheimer’s Coburg registration card shows that he moved between Coburg, Bremen and Dessau in 1933. There are no further entries for the following three years. From 1936 he was living legally in the Netherlands and lived at various addresses in Amsterdam.

After the German invasion in 1940, the situation for Jews became more and more threatening. Milton changed his address within Amsterdam several times, but was found out by the German authorities on 21 April 1943 and deported to Theresienstadt.

Deportation and death

More than a year later, in October 1944, he was transported further “east” – the destination being Auschwitz. Milton Wertheimer was murdered immediately after his arrival in Auschwitz. He was 58 years old.

His name can be found on the tombstone of his mother-in-law Malwine Wertheimer in the Jewish cemeteryin Coburg, unfortunately with the wrong date of death.

In August 2021 a “Stolperstein” remembering Milton Wertheimer was placed in front of Viktoriastraße 1.

Text: Gaby Schuller

Milton Wertheimer
wedding announcement Bella and Milton Wertheimer
Tombstone Wertheimer

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