Because they were Jewish ….

  • Boykott des Schuhhauses Weiss, Spitalgasse 5, am 1.April 1933
    Boycott of the shoe store Weiss, Spitalgasse 5, am 1.April 1933

History of the Coburg Jews

This website is about the history of the Coburg Jewish community from the beginning of the 20th century until the year 1944. The Jewish culture of Coburg was systematically destroyed under Nazi rule. Jewish citizens were forced to flee the city and Germany entirely or were discriminated, humiliated, persecuted, arrested, tortured and finally taken to the extermination camps.

In 2004 the Evangelisches Bildungswerk Coburg e.V.and the Intitiative Stadtmuseum Coburg e.V. presented an exhibit on the eradication of Jewish culture in Coburg. This exhibit forms the basic framework of this homepage.

Coburg was the first city in Germany to be governed by the National Socialist Party prior to 1933. . Along with the SA, the “Sturmabteilung”, a paramilitary wing of the the NSDAP, the National Socialist German Worker’s Party or Nazi Party,was able to test methods here that they would later implement throughout the German Reich: folkish-nationalist communal ideology, rule by terror, ostracism of the Jewish population and attacks against dissidents.

We strive to preserve the memory of the Jewish people who lived in the city of Coburg. We focus on the remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust. However, we also hope that our work will encourage further research into Coburg’s (Nazi) history and open up paths to an intercultural understanding of the present.