Heinrich Zucker

(1881 – 1944)
Owner of a shoe shop in Coburg

Heinrich Zucker is born in Osiek in Galicia in 1881. As a young man he comes to Germany, and in 1909 to Coburg. He marries, and two years later he opens a shoe shop at Steinweg 19.

He serves as a soldier from 1914 to 1918 and is awarded the Iron Cross. Already in the late twenties, the store’s sales decrease sharply. In 1933, there are no customers for days on end. Heinrich Zucker gets into financial difficulties and is forced to close the store briefly.

In 1934, Heinrich Zucker is awarded the Cross of Honour by the President of the Reich, Hindenburg, for his participation in World War I.

Despite this award, Heinrich Zucker remains an outcast. He hardly earns income anymore from the store. Thus he is forced to make a living as a peddler.

The November pogroms of 1938 brought the end of the company.
With the help of their children, the couple are able to leave Coburg in November 1939. “A suitcase with the bare necessities of life and ten marks in the pocket” – this is how Heinrich Zucker arrives in Genoa with his wife. Their daughter has arranged the passage to Argentina.

In Argentina, the couple are taken in by their son, who has already been living there for a year. Heinrich Zucker dies in Rivera, Argentina, in 1944.

Heinrich Zucker